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  • 石油化工產品整理解決方案供應商

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      Our company always adheres to the tenet of "quality first, customer first"; the business philosophy of providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services; adheres to the basic principles of survival by quality and development by service, and product quality is continuously improved , continuous improvement of service quality; Do everything possible to achieve customer satisfaction.

      1、售前服務承諾 Pre-sale service commitment


      Provide customers with detailed product instructions, including test reports, and answer questions and problems related to the use of various products.

      2、售中服務承諾 In-sale service commitment


      Maintain communication with customers from time to time, including whether the product quality can meet customer needs, transportation methods, packaging conditions and other customer requirements. If the customer needs it, the goods and technicians can be to on the spot , and the use method and technical requirements of the product can be introduced. Visit customers regularly, solicit opinions, and solve problems raised by users in a timely manner.

      3、售后服務承諾 After-sales service commitment


      When users use our company&rsquo;s products and have quality problems, we will respond to customer complaints within 2 hours; in serious cases, the technicians must come to the scene to solve the problem within 24 hours.


      Once the product has quality problems in the terms of the contract, the company is responsible for return, replacement, and customer satisfaction


      All costs incurred in dealing with quality problems in the contract terms, including losses to customers, shall be borne by the company